Heeding the call

Come to Data


I’m shipping off to Data Science bootcamp for 12 weeks in NYC. Everyone is talking about how Data Science is the “sexiest career of the 21st century” and that data science spending is increasing at enormous rates, this simple cell phone ad beckoned as I walked to the train station. I’m looking forward to the program. I’ll be adding relevant and marketable skills to my toolbox. Best of all, it’s a multidisciplinary field full of potential.

When people have asked “why data science,” I have replied with an analogy from my years in the lab. Back in school, when I wanted to research something in the lab, I needed the right equipment that might not have been available to me. I was limited by the physical lab. Granted, some data requires entire servers to process terabytes of data, but for the most part, data science removes so many barriers to curiosity. Want to explore Citibike data? Go ahead! What about restaurant health inspection? Why not?

With the curiosity and passion to motivate you through the statistics and programming classes, the world is your oyster. This is going to be a great 12 weeks.